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Apple doesn't include Blu-ray as an option, but they are readily available through 3rd parties like Amazon or Other World Computing. You'll also need software to play the disc, which is where the Macgo Blu-Ray Player comes in.
-----By Mel Martin
Apple has shied away from supporting Blu-ray playback in OS X, but there is a new media player available that allows for native Blu-ray playback.
-----By Topher Kessler
Blu-ray On Mac OS X Is Finally A Reality, Thanks To 'Mac Blu-ray Player'
-----By Goncalo Ribeiro
The Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Finally Brings Blu-ray Disc Playback to OS X
-----By Alan Henry
First Look: Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player Blu-ray movie playback comes to the Mac -- sort of
-----By Jonathan Seff
It's been a long time coming, but there's finally a program that will play Blu-ray movies on a Mac.
-----By Stephen Withers
Mac gets native Blu-ray movie playback through Macgo app
-----updated 04:20 pm EDT

Testimonial Center

Thanks so much to all of you! This thing is the most amazing experience I've experienced in a long time! I've been trying for years, YEARS, to play a blu-ray movie on my 30" Apple Cinema Display and was never successful - until you guys came along.

-----by David J Ra 2012-7-11

God bless,my friend recommended this play to me,believe it or not,the feeling i got is so fabulous and cool and it really playback very clearly after i tried this player!

-----by Jim Green 2012-7-2

Fantastic job! It plays Blu-ray on my iPhone and iPad with ultrafast speed and supper high quality.

-----by mark roberts 2012-5-11

Works well for playing Blu-Ray discs on my Intel Macs using a Blu-Ray burner. It keeps getting better, too.

-----by Steve Frawley 2011-12-16

Looks good! getting better with every release!

-----by Jesse K 2011-9-9

I have purchased Mac Blu Ray Player and love it.Please keep up the great work its a top product.

-----by sasquach 2011-9-5

Thanks for excellent app! I have been waiting for a long time for this kind of app. The quality of picture is very good.

-----by tapani.barinoff 2011-8-28

Excellent player!!! very happy finally bluray on mac

-----by eduardo76 2011-8-11

I'm thrilled that there is finally a way to play Blu-rays on my Mac. And I would like to purchase your player

-----by dv_post 2011-8-10

You have done such a wonderful thing for the Mac.

-----by dthdunn 2011-8-8

Firstly, thank you very much for your efforts in bringing a blu-ray player to the mac, it's brilliant!

-----by steve 2011-8-7

I purchased your Blu Ray software for my MacPro. I love what you guys are doing and know that I will be using the software for more than 3 months.

-----by haplain 2011-8-5

Thank you for your introducing macblurayplayer! Great software.

-----by patrickhirsch 2011-7-24

@MacBlurayPlayer fantastic, bought version 1.0, thinking this had so much potential. 1.1 upgrade is everything promised. well done.

-----by imdgp David 2011-7-14