Free offer for 3 months

Formal explanation of Macgo Inc. on the three-month giveaway campaign

When visiting our website, many people cherished a misunderstanding on our three-month giveaway campaign. Here, Macgo Inc. will make a further elaboration as follows:

Mac Blu-ray Player is the world’s very first blu-ray player for both Mac and PC. At the first beginning when the new products published, in order to stimulate general customers to use our software, we have launched a three-month giveaway campaign. This campaign is not a trial activity of new product, but free trail of formal version. Customers who have downloaded Mac Blu-ray Player can get an activation code to activate the software for free. The activated free version has the same functions as the formal one without limitation. However, the free formal version of Mac Blu-ray Player is good for three months, after which if you don’t purchase the software, it will become a trail version automatically. At that time, as long as it plays video, there will be a watermark over the video window of the trial version.

Here, we want to express our sincere appreciation to all customers for your constant favor of our software. We will continuously devote ourselves to the optimization of the use functions of the software.


Macgo Inc

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